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Born 8th of June 1997 in New York, and then growing up in Melbourne, Australia.. Taylor Stanisic (TAJLA) is a singer, songwriter, producer, creator who mixes RnB, Rap, and Pop to create a unique, bright, emotional, eclectic, confident sound. Ever since 6 years old, TAJLA has been training vocally, writing, performing at festivals, restaurants, international competitions etc. At the age of 18, TAJLA decided to start learning how to produce music, which led to moving to Los Angeles for the first time at 19 to pursue her artist career. Through the years TAJLA has been dedicated to her craft, perfecting her talents and continuing to learn and grow. The origin of her stage name TAJLA; pronounced Tay-la, comes from her Croatian heritage, and as her Baba (grandma) spelt it growing up. TAJLA has also played instruments most of her life which included piano, guitar & drums which have become a major key and tool in her music production.


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